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Thursday, November 22, 2012


My last blog was six months ago and since then I have became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. But that is not what this post is about. I warn you this is about breast milk and pumping, so if those topics bother you, I would venture to a different blog for today.

I came across this funny e-card last week and found it hilarious because it is so true. And any of you mothers who have breastfed and had to pump before will understand why. I am a working mom, who does pump at work each day. Well on Tuesday of this week, this e-card sure hit home and at the time I could not conjure up the humor I once found in it. Tuesday afternoon I finished my pumping session and somehow managed to drop the storage container of freshly expressed milk when I was trying to put the lid on (I must have been really tired to let this happen, as I am usually very careful when it comes to my babes milk). Now, not only did I drop the container, but it managed to fall onto my navy dress slacks lap, the floor and everywhere else it could find a surface. I looked down for a stunned minute and actually thought I may start to cry. I did not succumb to the tears however, as I was still at work and had to  clean up the mess and finish the rest of my short afternoon.  I tried to clean myself, the chair, the table and the floor as best I could before I returned to my desk. All the while feeling horrible at losing two of the babes feedings to my clothes and the floor. I decided to tell my wonderful mother of my disaster (which my dramatic self thought it was at the time), because I was very upset and trying to get over it. And who best to make me feel better than the woman who gave me life and kissed my injuries away when I was little. I told her what happened and then in all her wisdom she responds to my story with "well at least its only breast milk it could have been worse, you could have peed on yourself" and with that I was over it, funny how mothers always know how to make you feel better. Happy Thanksgiving everyone hope you had a blessed day :) 

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