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Thursday, November 22, 2012


My last blog was six months ago and since then I have became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. But that is not what this post is about. I warn you this is about breast milk and pumping, so if those topics bother you, I would venture to a different blog for today.

I came across this funny e-card last week and found it hilarious because it is so true. And any of you mothers who have breastfed and had to pump before will understand why. I am a working mom, who does pump at work each day. Well on Tuesday of this week, this e-card sure hit home and at the time I could not conjure up the humor I once found in it. Tuesday afternoon I finished my pumping session and somehow managed to drop the storage container of freshly expressed milk when I was trying to put the lid on (I must have been really tired to let this happen, as I am usually very careful when it comes to my babes milk). Now, not only did I drop the container, but it managed to fall onto my navy dress slacks lap, the floor and everywhere else it could find a surface. I looked down for a stunned minute and actually thought I may start to cry. I did not succumb to the tears however, as I was still at work and had to  clean up the mess and finish the rest of my short afternoon.  I tried to clean myself, the chair, the table and the floor as best I could before I returned to my desk. All the while feeling horrible at losing two of the babes feedings to my clothes and the floor. I decided to tell my wonderful mother of my disaster (which my dramatic self thought it was at the time), because I was very upset and trying to get over it. And who best to make me feel better than the woman who gave me life and kissed my injuries away when I was little. I told her what happened and then in all her wisdom she responds to my story with "well at least its only breast milk it could have been worse, you could have peed on yourself" and with that I was over it, funny how mothers always know how to make you feel better. Happy Thanksgiving everyone hope you had a blessed day :) 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Waiting to become 3

Today I am 38 weeks into my pregnancy. I have been on bed rest since 25 weeks and yet I do not know where the time has gone. I have always heard pregnancy feels like it takes a lifetime but I feel like it was just yesterday that my husband and I realized we were going to become parents. I remember thinking that the next 9 months were going to feel like a lifetime but that is just not how it has happened. The past 9 months have just flown by in the blink of an eye. The days, weeks, and now months came and went and now in 2 weeks or less our lives are going to change dramatically. In 2 weeks on Mother’s Day I am due to have my first child. In 2 weeks I will become a mother, I will join that group that most of my friends are already a part of. Right now I have this small miracle growing inside of me and I find it quite crazy to think about this fact.  To think that in 2 weeks my husband and I will be parents and have this whole other life we are responsible for caring for, guiding and shaping is crazy; this is an amazing gift and a little bit scary at the same time. I am at a loss for words and can not even begin to describe half of the emotions I feel just thinking about this gift we have been given. I hope and pray that we are able to provide her with the love and guidance she deserves as I know this next journey will be the best of our lives. I realize that times will not always be perfect and at times we may become frustrated but I look forward to this new and changing life. We have done our last shopping trips and as much preparing for the baby as possible. The only thing left to do is pack my hospital bag, which I have yet to do. I know it should be packed by now but I just hate packing even though I know I should probably get on top of this one task. Especially since I know she can come any day now according to my Dr and as anxious as me and Jason are to meet her and hold her in our arms we are patiently waiting for her big debut. I know she is still cooking in there and preparing herself for survival outside of my tummy and that is alright with me. Jason and I have tried to fill some of these last moments together with quality time as we know pretty soon there will no longer be 2 in our family but 3. We went on a wonderful date last weekend and I would say it was a beautiful way to say goodbye to a childless life and welcome the new path that is being paved before us. We have dreamed of becoming parents and have so many hopes and wishes for our daughters' life and I am filled with such joy at just the thought of her. Though right now all I pray for is a safe and healthy delivery of our sweet child, it has been a scary journey at times but she has fought through the past 9 months and made it to a pretty safe gestational age. I would say we are as lucky and ready as we can be and look forward to meeting the precious baby girl that as consumed our lives for the past 38 weeks. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A part of life Ending a new chapter beginning

A new year just began a couple of weeks ago and with that comes a time of reflections of 2011 and the ups and downs the year brought for me. So I tried to sit down and think about this past year and to be honest when I think about 2011 it is hard to even recall the tough times throughout the year. I am sure there were plenty as every year has to bring about some discomfort at one point of another; but as I try to recall some I am unable. I must still be feeling that newlywed bliss that this year brought because when I think of 2011, all I think of is the joy the year brought to me.

It was a year full of wonderful beginnings for me and for plenty around me as well. 2011 started off with the best birthday present I had every received and it was a trip to Florida for my 29th birthday. My fiance (Jason) and I left for Florida on New Year’s Eve with a main goal of visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Yes, I was a 29 year old adult in love with the Harry Potter Series. I cannot even begin to describe the anticipation I felt leading up to this trip, as I was just over the moon with excitement; and the feeling felt when entering this theme park could not be replaced.  It was like revisiting a feeling only felt in my childhood; and how many times in your life do you get to feel that free and innocent feeling you feel when you are a child…I can tell you for me there have not been many in adulthood. I loved that it made Jason happy to see me skipping (literally) and jumping around all over the place in my excitement. He managed to fill the trip with all things I love: Harry Potter, Roller Coasters, Beaches and even a little gambling.  It was a wonderful vacation that left me feeling nothing but happiness.  Well after that the year went on and I got to be a part of and experience so many other exciting beginnings as well.

It was a year filled with plenty of bridal showers, weddings (friends, family and my own), baby showers, and lots of babies being born as well. I planted my first garden and spent the first year in my first home (which is still undecorated 13 months later), I experienced the art of planking (which I still laugh thinking about) and took two Vegas trips (one being for my Brother Ricky’s 21st wahoo, the other a wedding). As much fun as his birthday was (especially because of my love for Las Vegas) it left me a little sad as well.  Because I will always think of him as my baby brother who I would get up with in the middle of the night to feed his bottle (we are a little far apart in age). Also I would like to say I fought with my mom over this nightly ritual but now thinking back I do not remember her putting up much of a fight by the time he came along. I think she handed him over graciously and a little too happily. All and all still a fun Vegas trip.  

As much fun as that trip was it is was not the main reason for the joy I felt in 2011. The highlight of my year would be the fact that I married the most wonderful man a woman could ask for. He is patient, kind hearted and not afraid to express how he feels for me (no matter who is around). I may be a little biased but I tend to think he is a one of a kind extraordinary man.  Our relationship is not always perfect and we do not see eye to eye on everything but we do work hard at maintaining and keeping what we have alive and thriving. No relationship is easy but if it is worth keeping, it is worth fighting for.

Well we were married at the end of May, honeymooned in Greece in June (which was so beautiful, relaxing and tiring all at the same time) and have now spent the last 7 months learning how to live together. In my opinion it is not as hard as people say it is. He has habits I may not care for and I know I have habits he could live without but neither of us are in the habit of changing each other so for the most part starting our life together has been pretty great. I think it is harder for me living away from my mother (yes I am a momma’s girl) than it has been living with my husband. His calm demeanor may have a bit to do with it. He is definitely the calm to my storm (and seeing as how I am a woman I can definitely bring that storm on).
All and all when I look back at this year I will see it as the best year of my life up to this point. It was full of beauty, joy and wonderful new beginnings; that are much better felt than described. It was a darn fine way to end my twenties which came to an end about 13 days ago but more thoughts on that another day.